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Global A Go-Go presents: Wednesday November 21, 3:00-5:00 PM

This week it’s Global A Go-Go’s annual day before Thanksgiving show, i.e. the Sitting In Traffic edition of the program. As always, I’ll have great music for you while you cool your heels on I-95.

We’ll start with some deep roots reggae inspired by a certain Senate candidate who’d like to be in the front row for a public hanging. If you tune in at Willis Road, that should get you to probably about Maury Street.

Next up is a set of klezmer and Balkan fun featuring recent releases by Daniel Kahn, Black Masala and the Lemon Bucket Orkestra. Now you’re stuck in some rubbernecking (“gapers’ block” if you’re a Chicagoan) near the Boulevard.

The second hour starts with a visit to Cuba for some son montuno. You’ll wish you were in Cuba — instead you’re in bumper-to-bumper traffic between the Route 1 and Route 301 exits, either of which is a viable alternate route today.

And we’ll wrap up this week’s show with a set I’m calling “James Brown Ride On To West Africa,” including a track from the hot new album by Vaudou Game (pictured above). If my calculations are correct, that should get you to the fringe of WRIR’s listening area at the I-295 exit. Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the drive back on Sunday!


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Bill Lupoletti 96 November 21st, 2018