Press Clipping
BLACK MASALA Trains And Moonlight Destinies

If you enjoy the sounds of brass, you’ve come to the right place, as DC’s Black Masala bring horns in spades to this lively affair that takes on the energy of ska-punk as well as gypsy rock sounds that few could parallel.

The title track leads off the album with the wildness of ‘90s ska-punk (think Voodoo Glow Skulls), though it then settles comfortably into driving avant garde rock that pulls inspiration from several continents with plenty of bluesy guitar solos and Kirsten Long’s powerful and smooth vocals steering the ship.

Ultimately a party album, Black Masala bring the style of New Orleans and complicated Balkan influences where funk, world music and soul are welcomed with open arms. The album looks and sounds fantastic; one can only imagine how animated the live show must be.

Travels well with: Gogol Bordello- Seekers and Finders; Red Baraat- Big Talk