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Black Masala, Trains and Moonlight Destinies Review

Black Masala is a Washington DC based world music band that combines world rhythms, and colors it with second-line, bhangra, and funk horn parts and vocal harmonies. Black Masala offers hints of Arabic pop and influence from Romania and Serbia. Started by drummer and vocalist Mike Ounallah in his basement, the band expanded rapidly, finally finding a stable roster of skilled players that allowed him to set the instrumentation that captured the full energy of the music he loves. Along the way, they recruited the versatile, gutsy vocalist Kirsten Long and everything from a tuba player to an electric guitarist. The band is: Mike Ounallah on drums and vocals, Kristen Long on vocals and percussion, Brendan Schnabel on tenor and soprano saxophone, Michael DiCiurci on sousaphone, Kirsten Warfield on trombone, Chris Lee on guitar,and Duff Davis on guitar. Black Masala has a new album out titled, Trains and Moonlight Destinies. It contains nine tracks that cover a wide view of world music influences, all with a sharp emphasis on fun danceable feels, in a party ready atmosphere. That’s the short of it!