Press Clipping
The High Energy Sound of Trains and Moonlight Destinies

Black Masala – Trains and Moonlight Destinies (Black Masala Music, 2018)

Black Masala represents the modern brass band cross-cultural sound of the Washington DC area. Trains and Moonlight Destinies incorporates a powerful, multifaceted and infectious mix of Balkan, bhangra, pop, rock, funk, blues, soul, New Orlean-style brass and fast-paced ska.

The Black Masala members are Mike Ounallah on drums/ vocals; Kristen Long on vocal/ percussion; Brendan Schnabel on tenor and soprano sax; Kirsten Warfield on trombone; Michael DiCiurci on sousaphone; Chris Lee (Moogatu) on guitar; Jacob Dalager on trumpet; Peter Kalavatrinos on guitar; and Scott Clement on bass.